People About US

"This celebration of the world’s very best Russian-language advertising is a testament to our City’s thriving Russian community and to our continued leadership in the global media.”

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York

"Over the past three years the AdVision Awards have become the forum where millions of Russians living around the world can unite. It is very exciting for me to see how the number of participants and Russian companies honored by AdVision has grown from year to year. Your professionalism and efforts continue to help grow Russian’s image abroad, while at the same time promoting Russian cultural traditions and the Russian language.”

Aleksandr Avdeev, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation

"Aside from creating solutions for professional goals, such as Russian language advertising entering the American and the world market, AdVision Awards competition can help in strengthening the ecology of the Russian language, its preservation, development and promotion beyond the boundaries of Russia.”

S.L. Piskarev, President of the Russian Association of Communication Agencies (ACAR)

"The goals of AdVision Awards match major tasks of the Russian advertising industry in development and positioning of the Russian market, Russian ideas and Russian language abroad. For the last three years the New York events demonstrated that AdVision Awards have potential, energy, and a team that make this contest one of the biggest events of the advertising industry.”

Vladimir Filippov, VP of ACAR, Russia

"It is considered that any contest is a battle for the title of the strongest. Unlike any other contests, Advision Awards is a "peace pipe” lighted up by advertisers, journalists, artists and people from both creative and business backgrounds. AdVision Awards – it is a possibility of beneficial and trustworthy collaboration, encounters of professionals differed by countries and occupations, but at the same time united by one idea of developing the Russian advertising industry, as not only a part of successful existence in our diverse world but as an important connection to our roots, a solid cultural basis that helps to choose the right path in the future.”

Alexander Shulgin, Songwriter, musician, producer

"The AdVision Awards round table meetings are extremely important. They provide a welcome opportunity to hear from people with different points of view, cultures, and professional experiences on topics extending beyond Russian-language advertising. This is not a forum where professionals present a prepared speech, but rather a dynamic brainstorming of ideas during which people discuss industry topics and problems. Fill a room with clever people, and there will always be a lively discussion.”

Boris Eremin, International Advertising Association (IAA) Russian chapter president

"As I see it, the major result of the last contest that was held this year, was a cultural improvement of the entire Russian television community in the U.S.: culture of production and culture of perception.”

Sergey Shestakov, Senior Vice President of Media Most International,  New York

"First of all, this Advertising festival for me is an exchange of opinions and possibilities of networking. I am not coming to AdVision as to a vanity fair, but for building new professional connections, for new ideas and knowledge that you cannot get from the Internet or anywhere else.”

Pavel Egorov,  Director of " EgoPro" Creative Studio,  radio host, producer, songwriter