Terms and Conditions

 Russian language advertising materials or those with Russian subtitles only are eligible to take part in the competition.


Materials which were registered for AdVision Awards® competition before are not eligible to take part in the new AdVision Awards® .


Submitted materials should have been in Russian language media rotation (14 days minimum) within announced period of time.


To take part in AdVision Awards® the competitors should register online (registry requirements are announced in the registry form each year).


All submitted materials are posted on AdVision Awards website to compete for the Viewers Acknowledgement Prize.


Advertising materials are admitted for competition and voting procedures after registration fees paid and confirmed.


Entries and materials submitted will not be returned and may be displayed, shown, duplicated, published or reproduced for educational or promotional purposes as the Organizer deems appropriate. Organizer disclaims any and all liability for any infringement of any entrant’s rights in any submission caused by any third party. Meanwhile the Organizer guarantee the registered ads privacy if such required by the competitors.


The winners are granted the right to use the AdVision Awards® title and logo for its brand name or agency services promotions.


The Organizer is not responsible for copying, publishing or broadcasting of the submitted materials by site viewers.