Photo Gallery 2008

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Advision Awards 2008 took place at the Caesars Casino, Atlantic City
Elena Vinokurtseva, Editor-in-Chief, Advertising Industry Magazine, announces the winner
Dmitry Dyuzhev, movie star, announces TNT TV (Russia) - recipient of the special prize
Irina Kuznetsova announces the winner of the Funniest Ad award
Mikhail Novakhov of Media Bazaar (USA) - recipient of the Best Jingle award
Sofia Nimelstein (Israel) receives the award
Alena Gorlenko and Yulia Sokolova of Publicis United (Russia) thank the judges
Vyacheslav Nikonov announces the winner of the Russian Style (TV) award
Leonid Lesovoy thanks the judges on behalf of McCann Cultures (Israel) for award
Nathan Riven of Reflect Production (USA) thanks the judges for the award
Maria Vetsen and Maxim Bondarev of Creative Marketing Strategies (USA)
Igor Spol of Grand Palace, winner of the raffle prize
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