Winners 2006

The First AdVision Awards® challenge was designed for TV commercials only. The winners named in 17 categories, Special Prize and Viewers' Choice Awards. Grand Prix granted to 2 winners by unanimous judges descision.

Grand Prix
Czech Airlines, Produced by Leo Burnett

Grand Prix (runner up)
Yes (Revolution), Produced by McCann - Erickson, Israel

Small Budget
Torontovka, Produced by Studio One

Le Monti, Produced by Blinkom

Best Graphics
Dr. Khlebanov, Produced by Ad On Media

Beer/Alcoholic Beverages
Vodka Balinoff, Produced by Ad On Media

Non-alcoholic Beverages/Food
Yoplait, Produced by Tel-Aviv - Moscow, Israel

Home Improvement/Design
Weider, Produced by 4D Plus

Luxury Goods
 Perlina Jewelry, Produced by Apple Bee

Real Estate
NY Business Group, Produced by Media Group

Yes (Revolution), Produced by McCann-Erickson, Israel

Metro magazine, Produced by АКО Holding

Tatiana (Hutorok), Produced by Blinkom

Financial Services
Apoalim bank, Produced by Tel-Aviv - Moscow, Israel

Lukoil, Produced by RABCO

Air Transportation
Czech airlines, Produced by Leo Burnett

012 Golden, Produced by Tel-Aviv-Moscow, Israel

Medical Services
Oramed, Produced by Apple Bee

Legal Services
Lawyer Gogots, Produced by Ethnic Channels Group, Canada

Viewers' Choice Awards
Aeroflot Russian Airlines

Special Prize
Оrange, Produced by Tel-Aviv-Moscow, Israel